About & Contributors

The basic goal of this site is to facilitate contacts between philosophers from around the world. That is way the sites are opened on the page with academic staff info.

I am very grateful to all philosophers who sent me addresses of departments of philosophy:

  • Aili Bresnahan (USA), Alessandro Torza (México), Attila Pató (Hungary), Fredrik Stjernberg (Sweden), Charlotte Werndl (Austria), Corey Mulvihill (Canada), David Ambuel (USA), Domingos Correia (Portugal), Eric Gustafsson (Sweden), Jan Čížek (Czech Republic), Jane O’Grady (UK), Jonas Pfister (Switzerland), Jurate Baranova (Lithuania), Iovan Drehe (Romania), Martin Sticker (Germany), Martin Vacek (Slovakia), Mustafa Efe Ates (Turkey), Paavo Pylkkänen (Finland), Pierre Fasula (France), Savina Petkova (Bulgaria), Shinji Kajitani (Japan), Shuja Ahmad (Pakistan).


Dr. Ivan Kolev

Associate Professor

Head of Department of Philosophy

Sofia University



Contacts: ivankolev (dot) (bulgaria) (at) gmail (dot) com



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